Computer Systems Networking and Security

Computer Systems Networking & Security

Computer Systems Networking & Security (previously named IT Networking) is a professional course that prepares students with industry standard credentials and technical certifications to aid in their understanding of computers and the inter-working of them. While working in BCTC’s state-of-the-art lab, students will use concepts introduced in theory and reinforced through a hands-on curriculum to build and repair computer systems and understand and configure components of a computer networking infrastructure.

The instruction focuses on A+ fundamentals, Operating System Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Server Administration, Network Security Fundamentals, Alternate Operating Systems, and Advanced Concepts of Networking. The curriculum is reviewed annually for relevancy and updated as industry standards dictate. Upon completion of the course, students are prepared for a variety of certification exams including the MTA Network Fundamentals exam.

Graduates of this program are well prepared for entry level employment. Additional education can lead to more opportunities in networking and information technology.

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