Cabinetry & Wood Technology

Cabinetry & Wood Technology

The Cabinetry & Wood Technology program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) through the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and provides participants with defined career paths in cabinetmaking. The instructional program combines classroom, laboratory, and live work experiences to help the students develop their craftsmanship skills.

Cabinetmaking is a specialized branch of woodworking and students will learn to fashion wood into objects of usefulness and beauty, such as home and office furniture and cabinets. Instruction is given in reading blueprints and planning the sequence of cutting operations to use the materials resulting in the least amount of waste. Students must develop skills in the use of many hand and power tools. A cabinetmaker must also match a variety of wood for color, grain, and texture, then cut and shape the parts for an excellent fit.

Students will receive training in precision cutting, shaping and assembling of parts through the use of hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machines. Instruction will also be provided in design and layout, assembly, hardware, finishes, and installation.

As a participant in this program at the East Campus, students participate in the construction of the student built house project. Its county-wide reputation for quality makes this an exceptional “live work” opportunity that will instill confidence and pride as students prepare to enter the workforce, apply for apprenticeships or continue in a technical program.

NCCER – National Center for Construction Education and Research
The program participates in NCCER. This curricula and training process is supported by trade associations, contractors, schools, construction and maintenance users, pipeline operators, manufacturers, and third-party training providers. Visit for further information.

PBA – Pennsylvania’s Builder’s Association
The program is a PBA endorsed program, which allows students who complete the program at the competent and above level to earn a PBA Certification.  Visit for more information.

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